This is what I do to get some exercise outside of the gym

Here in Doha it is hard to get your every day workout just by walking or taking your bicycle to places, you have to take your car.

There are some sidewalks and bicycle lanes now, but they are far from everywhere. Back home I just took the bike to work, or the buss but jumped off 1-2 stations earlier and walked. I walked to the food store and took the bus back. I walked or some other “everyday workout” all the days off the week. Now all off the Sudden I can’t…

This is what I recommend for you to do:

– Everyone knows that the traffic here can be crowded and the red lights can go on forever. Why not squeeze your glutes and hold for 2-3 seconds and then let go. Repeat until you get green light and can drive off again. Do this at every stoplight and you will get a beautiful bum so fast!

– Park far away from the shopping mall and walk. This will also save your car from getting a ding in the side of yours, here in Doha no one wants to walk that extra meter, but why not do it for your health and your car?

– Clean your house yourself as often as you can. I know it is cheap here with housekeeping, but with one hour of cleaning you can burn about 200 kcal!

– If you have a garden – go out and make it pretty and Green. Here you don’t see many flowers and greeneries, so make your own and skip the gardener most off the days. I know it needs water often during summer, but with 30-60 minutes of garden work you burn about 200 kcal. Probably more in this heat!

– Play with your children! Young or old, you can always join them for some playtime. An hour playing with your child/children can burn up to 300 kcal an hour if you for example shoot some hoops, play football or go to the playground and keep up with their movements.

It is actually dangerous to sit too much. Just think about how long you sit by your desk at work, in the sofa at home, in the car going somewhere.

If you are sitting down more than 10 h a day you increases your risk of getting:

– Diabetes with 112 %
– Cardiovascular diseases with 147 %
– Die too early with 49 %
– Cancer (breast, uterus, ovarian and intestinal cancer) 25-30 %

10 hours might sound a lot, but I think many people actually do reach that level. If you are working at an Office ask for a ascendable desk so you can stand up to work. Just doing that will help your health tremendously. Studies have shown that we do sit down for about 70 % of our awakening time, some low intensity “training” every now and then during your day will keep you healthy. Such as the examples above.

The most common traps where you tend to sit down too much is:

– By your desk, try to stand up if you have the option.

– In the buss and on the train (here in Doha it is the car) Get off one station earlier and walk or stand up while traveling. But here in Doha I guess we have to settle with my but squeezing exercise.

– Watching TV is the biggest trap off all. You can always skip it, but if you don’t want to do that you can for example stand up and watch it while you iron your clothes. Or take pauses where you empty the dishwasher, change the bedding’s, do some sit ups. Uncoil your yoga mat in front of the TV to remind you to do some exercise every now and then.

– When you use your cellphone you tend to sit down. Instead of socializing in person we tend to talk in cell phone instead and usually when sitting down. At least walk around when you talk, but even better meet your friend at the park to walk and talk.

– When you go out you usually sit down for dinner or coffee. But instead after dining out, go someplace for a take out coffee and walk around. If you are home on a dinner party you can always offer to help cleaning the table and help out with the dishes. Sitting down more than one hour after a meal will rise your blood sugar level with 24 %

It is important to move throughout the day, you don’t have to go to the gym all the time. The small changes can improve your health a lot!