We still need to eat healthy when dining out if we want to keep our figure

It is actually not as hard as you would think to make healthier choices when dining out, you can make better choises.

A few examples:


Choose a side sallad instead of fries with your burger and take the top bread of – just eat the bottom one. If you are looking after your fat intake just have cheese or dressing, or nonne!
Best burger in Doha which I found would be at Jones the grocer


Pick one that both you and your husband/boyfriend/friend likes and split it. Also order a sallad to share together with the pizza, dressing on the side.
The best pizzas I have had here in Doha are from Fabios


Order a main cource where you have the possibility to eat just half of the pasta/rice/noodels, so nothing where the food served with the pasta is mixed together with it. I rather order something where either the sauce is on the side so I can choose how much I want to eat, or something made with tomatoes instead of cream.
You can have a great pasta at La Dolce Vita, in the souk.


I would eat it with eather just regular boild potatoes or a baked potatoe, don’t choose fries. Even better is to just have a sallad with it, have your sauce on the side.
Good steaks at Steakhouse

This is some examles I hope you will try. I usually eat fish when Im out because that is not my favourite thing to make when I’m home. There you often get healthier side options like boild veggies or rice. (Rice is not the best carb source, quite fast carbs, but you can decide to just eat half of it)