This ground beef is easy to make and super healthy. You will get a lot of protein and healthy vegetables and if you would like to add some carbs you can have sweet potatoes together with it too. It is better than regular potatoes, lower GI.

400 g minced meat
1 egg
1 table spoon bread crumble or oat mil
1/5 onion
1 garlic clove
Salt, after your taste
White pepper, after your taste
(Feta cheese)

1 broccoli
4 carrots
(Sweet potatoes)

Start by boiling the carrots and broccoli, make as big or small pieces as you like. Add some sweet potatoes if you like. Cooking time – about 20 sec depending on how you like them done.

Put the minced meat in a bowl, make like a little hole in the middle where the cracked egg there like a little lake. Mix down the salt, pepper and the bread crumbles in “the lake” and stir it together. Press or rasp the garlic clove in the bowl. Cut the onion in small pieces or use a rasp and add in the bowl. Mix everything together and make as big beefs as you want. If you like you can add some feta cheese in the middle of the ground beef, it will keep them juicy.

Fry them in olive oil and when you are done make a sauce of your choice in the pan with the juices from the meat. I hope you like this as much as I do!