New Year resolution – be more healthy!

If this is your New Year’s resolution I have some good advice and tricks for you.

Eat healthy and FEEL how it is working:

– You will get more energy when you start to workout and when you also start to eat well you will notice that the “good food days” will give you more motivation for training and workout. Your bad days will just bring your mood down and will not have the same energy. Start to recognize this change and you will want to keep this new habit.

– Don’t let the closest lunch restaurant decide what you eat, bring your own food and snacks! Then you will know for sure what you are eating.

– Food supplement is not the best way to go, try to eat good food with a lot of vitamins, protein and fibers instead. But sometimes you just have to have something quick on the go, so have some good protein bars in your handbag in case of emergency.

– Plan your meals: make more food in the eavening that you can bring for lunch the next day. Stock your fridge with good things like;
* Good fats: avocado, salmon, cold-pressed linseed oil, coconut oil
* Good protein sources: cottage cheese, cheese, milk, egg, plain yoghurt/Greek yoghurt and meats
* Good carbs: sweet potatoes, quinoa, oat mil, fresh pasta or hard pasta with a cooking time over 8-10 min, lentils

-Try to have protein with every meal! An apple with cinnamon is a good snack but would be even better with cottage cheese or high protein yoghurt. A glass of milk (low fat) adds protein to every meal.

– People who eat bad usually not eat enough protein and good fats and to much quick carbs. Don’t skip the good and slow carbs so you can eat cake, candy and drink beer. That will only make you tired, fat and no energy left for working out. It is not all about counting calories, not that easy… It makes a difference if you eat empty or good calories.

– If you don’t have time for long workouts, short and intensive once are actually the best way to burn fat and increase muscle mass. Check my interval program out!