Leg and upper body workout together with your baby

This is a perfect full body workout to start with

It is important to start working out quite slow when you just had your baby, the first 3-6 month might be just enough to do some easier pelvic floor and core exercises combined with walking. When you are read you can start with these two exercise where you work your whole body together with your baby.

Squats – hold your baby under his/her arms and have your arms straight out from your shoulders. If this is to hard to begin with have your baby against your chest instead. Do a squat, as low as you can handle, and go right back up again.

Baby swing – hold your baby under the arms and start by doing a squat while “swinging” your baby between your legs. Straighten your lags at the same time as you swing your baby up in the air and above your head. Start over!

Good luck, will update with more mother and baby workouts soon!