Jackie have lost 17 kg with the customised program I made

I’m so impressed With my client Jackie who lost 17 kg in 3 months by changing her way of eating together with a home workout suited for her after she had a major feet operation.

I’m so proud over my client Jackie, she have made such a progress since I first met her in the end of September 2013. She was quite depressed and said to me before our meeting: “Don’t be surprised if I can’t fit through the door when you see me, I’m so big now”. She was then around 90 kg, and needed to lose a lot of weight to get her feets and life back in order.

She just had a big operation (gastrocnemius medial release) done to both her feets and legs and been in a wheelchair for a while. She was a bit depressed and felt hopeless about her condition and future. Being in this state made her very hard on her self and she needed my help to get a workout routine where she did not stand on her feets in the beginning, a diet schedule and also her relationship towards herself and food had to change.

We needed to strengthen the fascia in her feets and stretch the achilles tendons and hamstrings out. Also get her to lose weight quite fast without hurting her feets even more. I also wanted Jackie more positive towards her self and not to be afraid of food. I wanted her to eat more than she did actually, but healthier.

We started with doing Yin Yoga when we saw each other, this yoga stretch helped Jackie’s fascia to get stronger and made her calm and more positive. we talked a lot about food, why we need good/slow carbs, what fats are good for you, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, intermittent fasting and much more.

Jackie started with the intermittent fasting and also controlling what she ate in her eating window by writing it down. She was surprised that she lost more when she added slow/complex carbs in her diet and also good fats. We started to see each other quite often and after some time we could ad exercises where she was laying down or sitting up. We did not want to add any pressure on her feets.

Today Jackie has a more advanced schedule and we have started with some exercises where she actually is standing on her feets. She has lost about 17 kg and weighs today just slightly over 70 kg, we want her to lose some more, which I know she will. It is slower now when she is not carrying around all that extra weight, but the scale is still going down.

Thank you Jackie for trusting me to help you, also thank you for listening to me and learning so fast – You are a true rolemodel!

This is her kind wordsAbout me and our work together – 6 weeks into our program!