I love vacation and I love my training, a lot of people don’t think these things belong together. But it fits perfectly. You have all the time in the world, start in the morning and you are “over and done with it” and have the rest of the day to enjoy your destination.
If you do work out on your vacation you will feel more ok with the unhealthy food and drinks you might have, even though it is easy to choose the healthier option here as well. (I will write a post about this in the future). I personally like to go for a tough intervall run or a HIIT/tabata/crossfit workout – all of these methods will allow you to have a quick but very effective workout. You will have at least the same results, or if you do it correct and intense – even better results than a longer and lower intensity training. So you can do your workout in 20-30 minutes and then have time for everything else you feel like doing on your holiday. And remember; after your workout it is totally ok or even good to have some fast carbs. This will go straight to your muscles and with a bigger muscle mass you will burn more fat.